A Safe Place for Kids in Deheishe Refugee Camp

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A Safe Place for Kids in Deheishe Refugee Camp


The traumatized children of Deheishe Camp, near Bethlehem in Palestine, lack fun and hope in their lives. Our center aspires to give these forgotten children hope, self-confidence and skills for their future through a variety of activities. Local&international volunteers are organizing workshops in languages, computers, sports and other areas that support their education and future employment prospects. All children are welcome to grow and replace their negativity with enthusiasm and hope!

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The thousands of children growing up in Deheishe Camp right now still witness poverty, violence and despair all around them - in their homes, the streets and their society. Many kids suffer from emotional problems, which result in difficult or violent behavior, learning problems and depression. As the UNRWA schools offer inadequate education a negative cycle exists where the kids have little hope for the future. More positive incentives and opportunities are needed to break this negative trend.


We provide all children from the age of 6 with a safe place to be themselves and opportunities they cannot access otherwise. Palestinian&international volunteers run workshops in languages, sports and other areas that focus on supporting their education and future employment possibilities. Through classes in English, IT, human rights and leadership the youth between 12 and 18 develop self-confidence and much-needed job skills. Our remedial classes help the ones most at risk in the UNschools

Long-Term Impact

Our center empowers refugee children and youth to become active citizens who shape their future in a peaceful and constructive way. So far over 1300 children improved their performance in school and society because of our safe haven for education, opportunities, joy. Our Palestinian volunteers who have been members for several years are the living proof of this; many now study at university (a rare occurrence in Palestinian refugee camps) and play major roles in the local society.

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