Covid-19 Aid for Afghans

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Covid-19 Aid for Afghans


Education & action is a must for a country that has been in conflict for so long, to help people deal with the Covid-19 crisis. We are providing disinfection kits to families as well as providing hot meals and food packages. AIL is broadcasting information about the virus every hour on Radio Meraj, and printing leaflets. AIL has turned over tailoring classrooms to the production of PPE for AIL health clinics and as a service for the public. We are providing distance learning for students.


Vulnerable people lack access to the hygiene products to protect themselves from the virus. Many Afghan refugees, who were living in Iran, have crossed into Afghanistan adding to pressure on services. Afghans lack information on the virus and the radio is an excellent way to educate people. No work for day laborers, means no food. Food packages and hot meals are needed. More PPE is required at clinics and children need to continue education with distance learning so as not to fall behind.


This project provides hygiene kits to help protect families from the virus. Kits include: soap, gloves, tissues, disinfecting gel and liquid, gloves, masks, and alcohol. We are also providing food packages for families and serving hot meals. Radio Meraj is broadcasting information on the virus 18 times a day and AIL has printed virus leaflets. We are also providing distance learning packages for students and teachers available to help. Our tailoring classrooms are making PPE for clinics.

Long-Term Impact

It is vital we do all we can to help the vulnerable and poor protect themselves from the virus. People need information on what to do. They also need food aid, as many Afghans are day laborers and no work means, no food that day. Students are missing out on learning as schools are closed, so distance learning is vital to keep them studying and not lose their motivation to continue with education. There is a lack of PPE, so AIL making this for clinics and as a service for the public.

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