Help Pregnant Moms Give Birth Safely in Disasters

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Help Pregnant Moms Give Birth Safely in Disasters


For as little as $15 you can help EAP,  get 3 emergency birth kits, including a bar of soap, clear plastic sheet, razor blade, an umbilical cord tie, cloth and latex gloves into the hands of pregnant mothers and health care workers as they safely deliver babies in crisis situations.


In a crisis or refugee situations, one in five women of childbearing age is likely to be pregnant. Conflicts and natural disasters put these women and their babies at risk because of the sudden loss of medical support, compounded in many cases by trauma, malnutrition or disease, and exposure to violence. UNFPA seeks to make motherhood as safe as possible during crisis situations by providing care before, during and after delivery.


Emergency birth kits can mean life or death for a pregnant woman and her baby. By providing at least the most basic essentials, the kit helps pregnant women who are unable to get to a health facility on a crisis or emergency situation.

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We working with governments and partners everyday to help strengthen health systems and increase access to care in over 155 countries, areas and territories around the world.